• Account - What are the requirements to buy star xaggos?
    You must complete the steps in your "Approval Requirements" list on your home page. This list is different for stars and regular users.
  • Account - What do you do with my personal info?
    We use your personal information mostly for withdraw purposes, and the "Know your customer" requirements (see here). Some information can be displayed like your age, location, gender, and location (not address). But you have full control to allow/disallow this information under your account settings.
  • Account - Can I change my username?
    We do not facilitate self change. If you have a legitimate reason to change your username, please email support.
  • Account - Can I change accounts types in the future.
    A fan to become a star. However the process is manual so you will need to send a request to support. But since as an active star you are responsible for your fans, we do not allow changing back to a fan. Only if you have not sold any xaggos, or you buy back all your xaggos from your fans. You can send support a request and we can discuss your options.
  • Account - I set profile comments to Not Allow but I see an option to add comments. Why?
    Profile owners will always have the option to add comments to their own profile. If you set it to not allow comments, no responses or new comments from other users will happen
  • Affiliate - How will I get paid my affiliate commission?
    Commissions are given in platform credits. Once you have the minimum credits allowed to withdraw (100) you can request a withdraw from your Wallet->Withdraws . You can see any affiliate transaction in your Wallet -> Transactions section.
  • Affiliate - Can I change my referral link?
    We do not allow you to customize your referral link. However, the system will accept your affiliate ID on any page as long as you send it the aff variable. So for example. You can send them directly to a video with your referral ID like this https://xaggos.com/v/111111/example.html?aff=123456 Where 123456 is your referral ID
  • Affiliate - What do I get for inviting users with my referral link
    Our current affiliate payment is 10% when a user makes a purchase to acquire credits. Your affiliate payment will be recorded in the same currency as the payment was made in. So your withdraw restrictions will be based on those currencies.
  • Files - I'm having trouble uploading a video, mp3 or file what can I do?
    Go to this page https://xaggos.com/support_upload and upload the file you are having problems with, then message support and let them know your issue in detail and that you have uploaded your file.
  • Files - Why are my files not showing up for other users?
    Because of the security risk involved in downloading files. All files need to be approved by the administration before they can be made available for download.
  • Stars - How do you calculate popular stars?
    Popular stars are based on xaggo transactions. You will see the top star which have the most recent high count transactions.
  • Twinkles - What exchange rate will you use for twinkles purchase?
    We are currently using a rate of $.01 , but we reserve the right to change it at any time. Rate changes will effect both incoming and outgoing transfer rates.
  • Twinkles - How will you send me Twinkles on withdraw?
    You will enter in a public wallet address and they will be transferred to you. At this time there is no fee for this but it could change in the future. Unfortunately there is no option to transfer them to you directly into the Safe Zone currently.
  • Withdraw - Is there a minimum requirement for withdraws?
    Yes, the current minimum requirement is 100 credits. Your available credits for withdraw are based on how you acquired your credits. If for example, if you purchased 100 credits from paypal and 100 credits with Twinkle, you are only allowed to withdraw based on 50% of your total credits through paypal and 50% through Twinkle.
  • Withdraw - How long will my withdraw request stay pending?
    Most requests are processed (approved/declined) within 48 hours if there are no issues. Some instances will take longer if communications are required back and forth. Payment processing time will depend on the processor used. Could take up to 10 days after approval.
  • Withdraw - How often can I withdraw?
    You are allowed to make several different withdraw requests at one time pending your credit balance. However, You are only allowed to complete a withdraw(s) once per week.
  • Xaggos - What is a Xaggos?
    A Xaggo is a unit of measure for the level at which users can access star content. Xaggos can be purchased from each star and gives fans access to view or download their content where stars have placed a level assignment on that content
  • Xaggos - Do Stars make commission on xaggo purchases?
    Currently no, but we may add this option in the near future.
  • Xaggos - Is there a fee when purchasing or selling xaggos?
    Yes. There is a 5% fee paid for by the Seller, and is taken out of their earnings.
  • Xaggos - Do I get money back if I decrease my xaggos?
    Yes, we will buy back your xaggos at .25 credit per xaggo. So if you decrease your xaggos by 100, you will receive 25 credits.
  • Xaggos - How much does it cost for stars to add xaggos?
    Current cost is .5 credit per xaggo. So 100 xaggos would cost 50 credits.
  • Xaggos - What is a Fan Fee?
    A fan fee is an optional fee that a star can add. This is a fee which deducts the xaggos from any xaggos holders on the monthly anniversary of their original purchase. The xaggos are transferred back to the star. This is a way for popular stars to maintain their residual income from fans who are still accessing their content.
  • Xaggos - Can stars upgrade their xaggo count after fans have bought xaggos from them?
    Yes, currently since xaggos trading is suspended, stars are free to upgrade their xaggo count without issue with the current xaggos that are currently purchases.